Jan 092014


kevin_warren_imagine_small“Kevin Warren is an up and coming magician who has a polish and stage presence beyond his years.” – Sacramento Magazine

Join host Steve Johnson for a fun and informative interview with his special guest, Kevin Warren.

Kevin, a local student and professional magician, will be performing his brand new show, “Imagine Something Greater” at the Cosumnes Oaks High School on January 24th. (Click for details)

Kevin has been coming to Grand Illusions magic shop since he was a boy we’re excited and grateful to get to have a few words about his path, goals and show broadcast live from the Grand Illusions secret library.

So tune in and lis

ten on January 15th at 12 noon Pacific standard time right here on TheMagicBroadcast.com.

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Nov 142013


Woody Aragon came to Grand Illusions Magic store in Carmichael California to lecture the peeps and flat-out rocked our worlds.  From a poker deal to Oil and Water, Woody’s magic was impossibly amazing and fantastically entertaining.  In the middle of it all he was generous and gracious enough to grant a short interview to The Magic Broadcast.


Here’s that recording:

Aug 082013


Christian Cagigal

Christian Cagigal


Join host Steve Johnson as he delves into the mind and the past of actor, artist and magician, Christian Cagigal.

From a strange child to the Exit Theater and beyond, Christian peels back the layers to explain, in some way, what makes his fascinating mind tick the way that it does.

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Aug 072013

Sgggtation manager Steve Johnson is heading to the 7th annual Golden Gate Gathering and he’s taking you with him.
Hear Steve’s Golden Gate Gathering recap in archive right now by using the streaming audio player below:



Jun 122013


On Thursday, June 13th at 6:30pm Pacific, 9:30 Eastern, CARDMAN, EPISODE TWO was broadcast LIVE right here on TheMagicBroadcast.com.

Did you miss it?  Good news, you can listen to it RIGHT NOW by using the media player below:





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Streaming Audio Player (Card Man, ep1)

Jun 052013

Today’s Middle of the Middle featured news about Aaron Fisher’s new radio show, Card Man – Discovering the real secrets of close up magic, the Golden Gate Gathering, Steve Ehlers’ upcoming lecture and a review of Triple Intuition by Dani DaOrtiz.

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Jun 042013



Just like it says in the headline – You can listen to the first episode of “Card Man, Discovering the hidden secret of close up magic” anytime you like by simply clicking the play button on our built-in media player just below this sentence:



Card Man – Discovering the REAL secrets of close-up magic with Aaron Fisher


May 292013

  The first episode of Card Man, Discovering the hidden secret of close up magic was an experience of many successes and a few challenges.

  One tremendous success was the presence of Aaron Fisher and Alex Slemmer who, as always brought tremendous energy and information to the show, beginning with a bit of good natured ribbing about a bad shirt at the Penguin lecture and continuing into an in-depth discussion on magic, practice and teaching.  If you didn’t hear the part about Aaron teaching free group lessons you might want to go back and listen again.

  Speaking of that, many listeners have written in asking when the 1st episode of Card Man would be re-broadcast.  Good news, we have an answer:  Episode one will rebroadcast this Sunday, the 2nd of June at 1pm and 3pm Eastern time. (10am and noon Pacific)  In addition, you’ll be able to listen to the 1st episode on demand starting June 8th and episode TWO will broadcast LIVE on June 13th at 9:30pm Eastern. (6:30pm Pacific)

  As we said before, episode one was not without a few challenges.  Some of the few bumps in the road that users visiting TheMagicBroadcast.com  experienced including trouble entering the chat room and just plain understanding how to listen to the live stream.  We’ve ironed out the chat room and are working now to make listening to the broadcast clearer and easier.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please write to our webmaster, steve@grandillusions.com.

 So, don’t forget:

  • Rebroadcast of Card Man episode one is Sunday June 2nd at 1pm and 3pm Eastern Time.
  • You can listen to ep 1 on demand (any time you like) starting June 8th at TheMagicBroadcast.com
  • Episode TWO broadcasts LIVE on June 13th at 9:30pm Eastern Time.


  Thanks for reading,

– TheMagicBroadcast.com

May 152013

UPDATE (May 24, 2013): The 1st episode of Card Man was GREAT!  If you missed it, watch the email list for a re-broadcast date.

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Card Man

Discovering the hidden secrets of close up magic

With Aaron Fisher

     It is said that the most difficult aspect of close-up magic is not sleight of hand.  In fact, it could be said that learning the tricks is the easiest part of becoming a solid close-up magician.  The most difficult aspect of close-up magic is knowing how to practice, how to choose the right effects in the first place and how to handle your audience and your environment.

  Of course, the next question we ask is, “Where do I learn  these elusive and important lessons?”  Well, it is also said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

   Are you ready?

 On Thursday, May the 23rd  at 6:30 Pacific time, Aaron Fisher will join us live on TheMagicBroadcast.com for a frank and in-depth conversation about these pertinent subjects and more.  Your opportunity to be an active part comes before, during and after this exciting event.

 Before the broadcast, think about your pursuit of magic and what you might ask an expert like Aaron Fisher.  Write that question down and email it to steve@grandillusions.com, chances are we’ll ask Aaron your question in the first part of the program.

  During the show, join the live chat room and interact directly with Aaron and his hosts, Alex Slemmer and Steve Johnson, in addition to the other listeners in the chat.  We hope you’ll think of lots of questions and comments to share and we’ll try to get to them all live but, if we don’t…

  After the broadcast, if you have questions and comments that weren’t addressed live, write them down and email them to steve@grandillusions.com for next time.  That’s right, we’re going to be doing this more than once.

 So take a moment to mark your calendar and to contemplate what answers you might be seeking from an expert in design and performance.  Then, on the night of the 23rd of May, join us for Card Man: Discovering the hidden secrets of close-up magic with Aaron Fisher.

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